Jan Bainar (1994) is a financial consultant and landscape and nature photographer. He is the author of the picture of the Frozen Forest, which has literally traveled around the world and thanks to which he is one of the most published and awarded landscape photographers in the Czech Republic. In his work, he tries to capture the constantly disappearing islands of untouched nature in a cultural landscape that is otherwise intensively farmed by humans. He draws his inspiration from the natural passage of time and light.

Author's message

Thank you for your time and visiting my website. I designed them so that viewing my photos reminds you of my experiences while taking them. Nature has a huge influence on us. It can calm us, fill us with hope and satisfaction. And it can also ground us, humble us and show us who is stronger. Try to look at my work with an open mind and without bias, expectations and prejudices. Imagine that you are embarking on your journey into nature. Go clear your thoughts, talk to your loved ones or your inner self and come back enriched and inspired.


01/ Awards

1st Place: Czech Nature Photo 2017, Category Forests

Finalround: Veolia Environment BBC Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011, UK

1st Place: Bayer Ecology in Focus 2011, Czech Republic 

1st Place: Olympus Foto Akademie (several times), Czech Republic

Commended image: Sony World Photography Awards 2012, Youth, Environment

Shortlisted: Young Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2011


02/ Publications and references

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